" AccessGuardian.com is the best investment I could have made for my website. I have been able to rest easy knowing that there is a service that monitors my site for possible intrusions "

- Tom Groben

" I am so new to this whole web design thing and I am always afraid of screwing something up and being hacked. I am so thankful that my friend told me about your service. I didn't even think something like this existed. "

- Jennifer Conrade

" OMG...I lost an entire server that I spend thousands of dollars on last year due to a bad Wordpress plugin I didn't realize was poorly written. What happened was a php script was left wide open so that a noob could have hacked my site. Now I have a VPS and use your services to make sure that I don't loose any more sites. Just wish I would have found you guys last year."

- Alex Turner

" You guys seriously rock! I am not a programmer, by any means, and I use a lot of 3rd party programs and scripts. It's good to know that I have a way to make sure that the scripts I use are working right."

- Chris Gazdecki
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